What is a CDM?

A Chronic Disease Management Plan (formally Enhanced Primary Care Plan or EPC) enables GP’s to plan and coordinate the health care of patients with chronic or terminal medical conditions who require the care of a GP and at least two other health care providers. A CDM Plan entitles you to 5 visits to an allied health professional per calendar year. (Australian Government, Department of Health

Can I use my private cover and my CDM for the same consultation?

No, unfortunately we are unable to process both at the same time

I have a health care card – am I entitled to a discount?

No, unless you have an CDM care plan from your GP we unfortunately can not offer you discounted rates.

What cards are considered “concession”?

ePension, DVA, Student and Health care cards.ted rates.

Can I use my CDM for home visits?

No, unfortunately CDM care plan treatments are only available in clinic.

How do I pay for my postnatal home visits?

Payment is made over the phone prior to the physiotherapist coming to your home as she will bring your invoice to the consultation. You can then take the invoice to your private health insurance provider to redeem rebates if applicable.

Do I need a referral to access physiotherapy or massage therapy services?

No – you can call us directly to make an appointment.

What do I bring to my physiotherapy appointment?

Any relevant referrals, x rays/CT/MRI reports/images, any relevant paperwork

What do I wear to my physiotherapy / massage therapy consultation?

Comfortable clothing that is easily removed is best as usually we like to do full body postural and movement assessments.

I have my period – can I still come for my pelvic floor physiotherapy consult?

Yes – you can as long as you are comfortable doing this. We don’t have to do an internal examination in the first consultation if this is the case.

I can’t get a babysitter and need to come in for my appointment what can I do?

We are more than happy for your baby/children to attend your session, otherwise our friendly and helpful staff can mind your children while you are in your consultation.

Can my partner / carer sit in on my consultation?

Yes of course!