With a focus on treating and supporting specific conditions through cannabis medicine and lifestyle medicine to improve the lives of others.

Cannabis Medicine Consultations

Dr James Connell is dedicated to the ever-changing research on cannabis medicine and its various applications and benefits. Cannabis Medicine can help a range of conditions. To read more on the conditions and benefits see here.

Cannabis Medicine consultations involve:

  • Patient history
  • Formulation of individual treatment plan for optimal health
  • Preparation of TGA application (if applicable)
  • Scripts
  • Dosing and titration of cannabis medicine or formulations
  • Goal setting and discussion of individual treatment plan
  • Education about the Endocannabinoid System and how it can be supported
  • Optimising treatment

TGA Applications for Cannabis Products

Due to interpersonal variability, cannabis medicine needs to be prescribed by a specialised doctor who can monitor each patients individual needs. Dr James Connell is an authorised prescriber of cannabis medicines for select conditions which negates the need to apply to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for approval.

Dr “Jim” is highly experienced in completing these applications, and has done so for a large number of successful applications. If any further information is needed from TGA, Dr Connell can act on his patients behalf to ensure the correct details are given and to make the process seamless and straightforward for his patients.

Lifestyle Medicine Advice

Dr James Connell provides lifestyle medicine advice, which offers a holistic, interdisciplinary approach to the prevention and regression of chronic and lifestyle-related diseases by changing social, environmental and behavioural factors.

Dr Connell believes in a team based approach to treatment. He enjoys working alongside allied and complimentary medicine providers and communicating with other doctors in the patients healthcare team. He feels best results are achieved when cannabis medicines are paired with lifestyle interventions.

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