Alchemy in Motion provides expert Physiotherapy Services in Gympie for Enhanced Wellness


Alchemy in Motion opened a stand alone clinic in Gympie in March which focuses on bringing the unique Alchemy treatment approach and high quality of physiotherapy services to the Gympie region. 

We have been in Gympie at the Specialist Clinic for around 18 months however due to a growing demand for services we were thrilled to open our own stand alone clinic.

At Alchemy, we have a unique treatment approach which is explained in our company vision which is to:

Physio Gympie


  • We work WITH our clients to isolate the root cause of their symptom by asking questions and working with our clients’ beliefs, their goals and wishes
  • We utilise a HANDS-ON approach with our treatments – providing our clients with excellent symptom relief and education 
  • We EMPOWER our clients to make informed decisions about the direction that therapy takes in addition to taking ownership over their progress and therapeutic gains by providing realistic and easy to implement strategies and exercises at home


  • We work as a TEAM to integrate a range of therapeutic approaches in order to support each client optimally
  • Alchemy clients can enjoy having access to a variety of highly trained and skilled practitioners at their fingertips with most of our clinicians having masters or doctor of physiotherapy qualifications


  • Once we have managed our clients’ SYMPTOMS, we ‘zoom out’ and consider our clients’ entire system and the environment in which they work, live and play. In doing this, we have the ability to identify potential factors that may contribute to their concern regressing. In identifying and addressing these factors we have a LONG TERM impact on our clients’ symptoms and concerns as the rate of regression is significantly less. Hence, the long term impact that we have on our clients lives, health and wellbeing is enhanced. 

Our clinic provides a wide range of physiotherapy services in Gympie including:

  • Women’s health including: pelvic floor rehab, pre and postnatal care, incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain management
  • Men’s health including: incontinence, pelvic pain and erectile dysfunction
  • Sports & Musculoskeletal services
  • Pre and post op rehab including: orthopaedics, women’s and men’s health 
  • Paediatric services including: developmental delay, respiratory, pre and post op and musculoskeletal injuries
  • Respiratory physiotherapy for bronchiectasis, COPD, cystic fibrosis
  • Exercise rehab: Falls prevention, bone mineral density and balance

Our expert Physio Gympie team includes four physiotherapists and admin:

  • Rebecca Evans (Sports & Musculoskeletal)
  • Zoe Mills (Women’s & Men’s Pelvic Health)
  • Amy Cooper (Musculoskeletal, Paediatrics and Respiratory)
  • Kelly Tytherleigh-Laity (Women’s & Men’s Pelvic Health)
  • Aleisha Gee (Admin)

We are open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays at this stage.

We offer a range of funding options including:

  • Medicare rebates (CDM/EPC plans)
  • Private health insurance
  • NDIS
  • DVA
  • Workcover
  • Other insurance providers 

You do not need a referral from your GP or doctor to see us in clinic, simply contact our friendly admin team on (07) 5474 9093 or book in online via our booking page.