Some of our wonderful team members have described their experience working with and being part of the Alchemy team.

“Alchemy is a lovely working environment, not only because of the location and well designed premises, but due to the wonderful team headed up by the lovely Alice.

Working at Alchemy is pleasantly challenging given the nature of some of the clients (i.e. complex cases), however very supportive from the amazing admin team through to peer support from experienced and titled Physiotherapists. In addition, collaboration with other members of the team including OT, sports physician, gynecologist, massage therapist and movement coach helps to improve outcomes for our clients. Alchemy prides itself on providing a sensitive, caring holistic treatment approach enabled by longer consult times and flexibility for staff. Regular staff meetings ensure transparency and achievement of personal and collaborative business goals, and having the opportunity to work autonomously is very satisfying. I give Alchemy in Motion a 5 star rating for workplace enjoyment and satisfaction!!”


Zoe Mills (Physiotherapist)

Special interest: Womens and Mens Health

“I was overwhelmed with how welcoming everyone was when I started.

Everyone is so supportive of each other, and has such a friendly vibe about them. It’s refreshing to come into work! And that rubs off on the clients making the clinic such a positive place to work.

I love that everyone has the clients best interests at heart and will do what is needed to support them.

And I remember being a client here myself before working here, thinking what an awesome workplace it would be!”


Kim Hynd (Remedial Massage Therapist)

Special interest: Postnatal and Pregnancy Massage

“How often do you get autonomy but also support in a workplace?

The boss busts her gut to keep things rolling smoothly, but never by micromanaging or hovering.

We are truly valued employees rather than cogs in a machine.

There is a great balance between business and being a happy team and individuals.

Great support from admin staff.

Cliniko is a great platform to use.

Incredible location – minutes from beaches.”

Ocean Kabikwa Profile pic Web

Ocean Kabikwa (Physiotherapist)

Special interest: Women’s Health & Paediatric

“Incredible team environment, Flexible working hours, Very open communication and Independence.

Great clinic – location, gym space, good size private rooms

Good reputation in community

Great rapport with local GP’s and Great community involvement.

Amazing boss obviously”

Kate Kennedy Profile pic Web

Kate Kennedy (Physiotherapist)

Special interest: Sports & Musculoskeletal Injuries

“I have worked in London and Sydney but find the culture at Alchemy the perfect balance between a high level of professionalism but also being a cohesive and friendly team.

Motivated, friendly and proactive admin staff.

Practice software that is very Allied Health focused.

The perfect location with opportunities to surf or ride your mountain bike before the work day starts, not to mention grab fabulous Noosa coffee moments from the practice.

A great boss!!”

Laura Manning Profile pic Web

Laura Manning (Occupational Therapist)

Special interest: Lymphoedema

“Helping amazing & strong women and men live fulfilled lives.

Awesome team / family environment.

Being relied upon”


Hollie Sheppard


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