Dietitians provide highly experienced, individualised and ongoing nutrition advice and strategies to support your nutritional health and wellbeing from birth and throughout the lifespan. Caren is an accredited dietitian and experienced nutritionist that is now seeing private clients in Noosa.

How Can a Dietitian / Nutritionist Help Me?

“Accredited Practising Dietitians (APDs) provide personalised nutrition advice and support. Dietitians understand how nutrition impacts the body and use this knowledge to treat a range of medical conditions. Trained in medical nutrition therapy, dietitians translate scientific nutrition information into dietary advice.” Dietitians Australia, 2021.

Paediatric Nutrition and Infant Allergy

An infant nutritionist and paediatric dietitian can help support babies, toddlers and children to grow and develop with the support of good nutrition. Caren is very experienced in paediatric nutrition and dietetics, especially food allergies and intolerances (including cow’s milk protein allergy and eosinophilic esophagitis). Other areas of interest include faltering growth, and functional gastrointestinal disorders such as constipation and reflux. Working alongside lactation consultants, midwives and child health services, Caren can offer breastfeeding support, advice on appropriate formula choices, preterm infants, introducing solids and allergens, and monitoring baby’s growth and nutritional development. With years of clinical experience, Caren can advise on tube feeding, metabolic disorders, childhood cancers, and other required outpatient nutrition support in Noosa.

Maternal Nutrition (Including Breastfeeding)

Good prenatal nutrition is vital for you and your partner when trying to conceive. Caren can give evidence-based advice on a suitable pregnancy diet and appropriate weight gain, gestational diabetes and other pregnancy-related complications. Male fertility and nutritional support for reproductive health and recovery post birth are also services offered at Alchemy in Motion in Noosa. Optimising your postnatal energy levels, nutritional health and general wellbeing, as well as strategies for nourishing families and guidelines for safe postpartum weight loss are also services that can be provided.

Nutrition for Microbiome Health

Good gut health is the foundation for digestive, immune, mental and general health and wellbeing. There are even strong links between a healthy gut microbiome and mental health! Dietitians and nutritionists can help with advice to restore and rebalance your gut bacteria and function through pre- and probiotic foods, and arrange for personalized microbiome testing. Advice on probiotic supplements and eating to support your microbiome is included in a nutrition consultation, and is incorporated into management strategies for gut-related illnesses.

Sports Nutrition

As a member of Australia’s peak professional body for dietitians specialising in sports nutrition, Caren aims to help active individuals and groups achieve more with good nutrition. Caren is a qualified sports dietitian, with post-graduate certification form the International Olympic Committee and has worked with athletes at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS). We can discuss strategies to best fuel your training and race performance, optimise hydration and recovery. Based on International guidelines and regulations, as well as scientific evidence, we can provide advice on the correct use of supplements and ergogenic aids. Sports nutritionists can assist in sweat testing and fluid strategies, planning for travel and competition and recipe modifications.

Nutrition for General Health and Illness Management

Providing guidelines for the cornerstones of a good diet and micronutrient/supplement needs is what a dietitian excels a! Beyond this, Caren offers evidence-based advice or suggests suitable referrals for the management of:

  • Anemia and micronutrient deficiencies
  • Heart disease, cholesterol and hypertension
  • Osteoporosis, supporting bone mineral density and healthy ageing
  • Nutrition for brain health and mild cognitive impairment
  • Irritable Bowel syndrome (IBS), and Bowel disease (Chron’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis)
  • Peri-menopausal and menopause support
  • Nutritional adequacy with vegan, vegetarian and other unique dietary patterns
  • Information on preparing and choosing healthy foods, understanding food labels and eating out.

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