In offering our clients a wide diversity of highly professional, holistic services we provide a unique opportunity to improve not only pain, dysfunction, movement, and performance but our client’s overall sense of wellness and quality of life.

Movement Training

The Deep Motion System is a complex functional entity that requires efficient use of brain, muscles, fascia, nerves and connective tissue from your feet all the way up to your head. An effective Deep Motion System brings robust, buoyant freedom of movement.


As a result of aging, injury and repetitive movement we notice that the Deep Motion System can become inefficient and “blow a fuses”. In order to assist pain free movement, improved functioning and longevity your Deep Motion System may need some “rewiring”.


The brain needs to rediscover how to isolate an optimal muscle contraction, then it needs to learn how to integrate this muscle contraction into coordinated movement to allow for automated firing and activation. We tailor this integration of Deep Motion System into our clients’ specific required movement patterns throughout their day, at work or during exercise. To do this we “talk to the brain” which effectively reinforces the connection from isolation to integration.

Back, Hip and Pelvic Pain

Our physiotherapists offer a wide range of manual techniques and devices to loosen and restore function to stiff areas and settle painful tissues. These include:

  • Manipulation
  • Mobilisation of joints
  • Soft tissue release and massage
  • Muscular and Fascial stretching

After an area has been relaxed, our aim is to restore correct posture, improve the internal support systems (“core”) and integrate correct movement patterns back into our clients’ everyday required activities

Musculoskeletal and Sports Injury Physiotherapy

  • Spinal – low back, thoracic and neck
  • Shoulder, elbow, and hand
  • Hip, knee, and foot
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation

Gait Assessment and Correction

Think of your feet as not only as the foundation for your body but also as sensors from your brain to interpret the world you are moving around on. Feet are complex structures with multiple jobs to perform. If not optimally functioning we can experience pain or dysfunction. Our physiotherapists are highly skilled in assessing gait patterns, walking and running which might be the key to unlocking your pain or performance issues.

Barefoot Training

Our physiotherapists and motion coaches have extensive knowledge and experience in barefoot training. We guide our clients through a process of foot rehabilitation ultimately resulting in efficient, accomplished motion from the ground up. Foot function matters!

Respiratory Therapy

Breathing is THE essential process of life. The mechanical process of breathing is the KEY motion in our bodies. Oxygen is taken in and waste gases released from the body with efficient breathing. Nervous systems are balanced by appropriate breath. Movement is facilitated by effective breathing patterns. Elite athletes and dancers are “Expert Breathers”. Poor breath can result in poor movement ability and the onset of a cascade of negative effects caused by immobility.

Due to it’s mechanical nature, just like any other mechanical system breathing can become imbalanced and need strengthening and tuning. Complicating this picture are lung conditions such as asthma and bronchitis. Physiotherapy has a long tradition in respiratory therapy, starting with the gassed soldiers of WW1, through the Polio epidemic and now into modern day high tech therapy.

We offer one to one therapy and retraining with a therapist with decades of special interest and postgraduate training in this area.

Real Time Ultrasound and Computerised Biofeedback

Our highly skilled physiotherapists utilize ultrasound equipment to assess the function of the abdominal, gluteal and pelvic floor muscles. We take the time to explain our findings to clients so that they have a detailed understanding of their diagnosis and dysfunctional patterns. Following assessment, the scanner is used as a biofeedback device to assist our clients in restoring correct muscular function.

Intra vaginal / anal computerised biofeedback and electrical stimulation is available for pelvic floor rehabilitation. We offer our clients easy to use, compact electrical stimulation devices to take home to improve the firing and correct activation of pelvic floor musculature.

Persistent Pain Consultations

Persistent pain is a very complex and common problem. There are multiple persistent pain triggers, some physical and some psychological/emotional. Interestingly the way our brain functions when persistent pain is an issue is complex yet surprisingly predictable. Recent advances in the understanding of the changes in the brain’s function when persistent pain is being experienced have allowed for the development of effective treatment strategies. This is a multidisciplinary team approach with physiotherapy playing a significant part in the maintenance of efficient movement and fitness. Alchemy In Motion has a special interest in this new and exciting area of rehabilitation medicine and offers pain science education talks in the clinic plus a bespoke multi layered programme for each patient.

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