Mobiliser and Movement Training

With Iain Behr from Behr Movement

Iain offers a range of mobiliser and movement training services which are aimed at finding the balance between movement, mobility and strength. The fundamentals of Iain’s coaching and classes include safety, exercise effectiveness and fun.


Mobiliser & Movement Coaching 

Iain offers private and semi-private (2 clients) mobiliser and movement training. He will work with you to develop a tailored program that matches your specific goals and is informed by you injury history and where you are on the health continuum.

You will work from your individual program which will be updated each session and you will receive a new program every 4 weeks.

Mobiliser and Movement Classes

Iain offers two different classes at Alchemy:

  • Move and Flow: Expand your movement capabilities through 3D movement with Ground 2 Stand, Animal Flow and ViPR exercises. Challenge yourself by using your body the way it should be able to.
  • Mobilise and Stretch: Mobilise, loosen and stretch. Target the areas that should be moving better than they are.

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With Adriana Solorzano from Noosa Barre

What is Noosa Barre?

Our signature class is a challenging, yet sustainable, and addictive form of movement.

It is NOT a classical ballet inspired class. It’s not a classical Pilates class.

It’s a heart-pumping, muscle shaking workout that will help you sweat away your stress to soothe your busy mind.

If you’re ready to love your workouts join us!


Noosa Barre offers two classes at Alchemy:


A challenging, yet sustainable, and addictive way to move.

The flow of sequence, the energetic cueing, the intensity of the challenge, to the reward of rest- our workouts are fused to form a perfect symphony of movement. A full-body balanced workout combining strength conditioning, cardio, and mindfulness.



Offering rejuvenation, and soothing relief for tired, stressed and achy minds and bodies.

Founded in mat Pilates with the fusion of myo fascial release, using a variety of props to deepen the release and to increase the stretch – this class will provide balance to your work(out) week.

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Balance Class

With Emma Perry – Accredited Exercise Physiologist 

Do you avoid going anywhere you’re not familiar with out of fear of falling?
Do you get nervous when walking up or down stairs?
Have you noticed that your gait has changed – i.e. become faster or slower recently?
Do you avoid walking on uneven surfaces because you feel unsteady?

At Alchemy in Motion, we offer an Exercise Physiology led balance class which is aimed at improving not only balance, but coordination, general strength and proprioception to improve your function and overall confidence on your feet.

Balance disturbances can occur for many reasons so our Exercise Physiologist will thoroughly assess you and work with you to come up with individualised goals. You will be prescribed specific exercises and activities that will address your concerns.

Fit Savvy Mama

With Ocean Kabikwa Pelvic Floor & Women’s Health Physiotherapist

Delivered by a Women’s Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, the Fit Savvy Mama classes are Mum and Baby exercise and education classes aimed at helping you reach your fitness goals safely.


What’s involved?

The FSM classes are run in 4 week blocks and they incorporate cardio, strength and functional exercises for parenting, mat Pilates and stretching for comprehensive fitness. Each class includes a different discussion topic related specifically to postnatal recovery. The topics include:

  • Abdominal Muscle Separation
  • Pelvic Floor
  • Back, neck and wrist care
  • Bladder and Bowel
  • Prolapse


When can I start?

Ideally when your baby is 6-8 weeks old. You will need to have a postnatal assessment with one of our Women’s Health Physiotherapists prior to starting the FSM classes.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy will help you to move the way you were designed to move. Pain and tension is your body’s way of getting your attention and letting you know that dysfunction is present. Therapeutic Yoga uses traditional principles of yoga along with a modern understanding of anatomy, physiology and bio mechanics to relieve stress and promote recovery of injury and illness.

One one one yoga therapy consultations are carried out by Amie Taylor. Amie will help you to uncover the unconscious patterns that lead to pain and tension and design a personalized program to help you integrate these new patterns into your life and activities.

At Alchemy in Motion we offer mat Pilates classes. Pilates is a gentle, low impact form of exercise which is aimed at improving your Deep Motion SystemsTM (including your pelvic floor and core) and whole body strength. Our classes have a strong emphasis on breathing, pelvic floor and core control and are effective in managing back and pelvic pain and toning abdominal muscles.

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